May and June

Late spring is now upon us.

We are finishing the weed control applications right now and will begin grub control applications around the end of May. Also shrub trimming will be done during these months to cut off spring flush of new growth.

During these months with humididy and frequent rains fungus and insect issues may arise! Be on the lookout for any thing that may indicate problems and contact us to diagnose any potential disease or insect damages to both turf and shrubs/trees.

Things to look for reguarding fungus are small to medium sized patches of
discolored turf and spots on the leaf blades of yellow or brown.

THis is also the time for insects to ruin some of your trees and shrubs. One of the most common pests we will see are bagworms. If you have had issues in the past then we recommend treaments for the future as the problem will continue and only get worse.

We can diagnose, treat and prevent damages caused to any of your turf or
landscape plants so give us a call if you have anyu concerns!