Winter and Spring for 2013.

Happy Holidays and New Year to all!

I hope all is well with you and your family/friends.

As you know, we are always concerned about your lawn and landscape. It's our job! We take pride in what you take pride in, and want your property to look its best.

With that in mind, we want to share some thoughts with you about lawns and landscapes during the winter and very early spring.

2012 brought severe weather with harsh consequences, as all of you are aware. In turf, some small seedlings from this fall seedings, may not be able to have weathered the prolonged dry period during late fall and early winter. With that in mind, it will be a good idea to check the lawn in very early spring(march) to see what areas might need additional renovations.
Dormant seeding, and some ungerminated seed will germinate in very ealry spring, given good spring rains. Without these, additional water will be needed for success.

Landscape plants, especially newly planted, are in need of water also. Dont forget to water them when possible to keep the soil moist in and around the root ball.
The rule of thumb is that trees and plants that lose their leaves can't use water while they are dormant, but still need a moist root medium to not damage feeder roots.
Even more important is to water deeply all evergreen trees if the ground is not frozen. They will continue to loose water through their needles or leaves during the winter months. A peroidic deep watering for these types of plants is recommended.

Of course, water is absolutely vital to any success. With an overall drought, purposed to conintue into 2013, watering practices should be changed to accomodate the plants needs. These needs are quite different at this point, as much of our soils have been deeply parched.

For any and all questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us at anytime for advice on the care of your lawn, landscape and irrigation system. We are always here to address your individual property needs.

Dont forget! We also INSTALL new irrigations systems! You can be assured our systems will work correctly and efficiently through proper custom design for years to come. Call for an estimate if you have been contemplating this great addition to any lawn or landscape!

Ralph Rodgers

Winter - Spring 2012 and your lawn

2011 was very dry as many of you are very aware.  This winter has been dry and unseasonably warm. 

This is a quick reminder of plant care that you can do over this winter and next spring to ensure a better lawn and landscape for 2012.

Young grass seedlings and trees or shrubs  planted last fall, have been weakened by the weather pattern this past fall and so far in our winter.   This means, if we have a dry spring, that many young plants may perish from drought, even though the temperatures may be very nice!

To ensure the most success with your lawn and landscape for 2012,  water these plants during extended dry periods we may have this winter and coming spring.

Ralph Rodgers