Now is a good time to plan for spring!!!

It is winter, snow is on the ground and it is cold. This can make you wish of a warm summer day with green grass and flowers in bloom.

Use this time to determine your lawn and landscape needs for the upcoming growing season!! Contact us to discuss all your needs and concerns with your property so we can customize a program to achieve the results you want.

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Ralph Rodgers

winter is approaching, what needs to be done??

Well, let me answer that for you.

1.Cut your lawn shorter and remove debri if applicable
2. fertilize for the winter

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More information
Your lawn should be mowed shorter this time of year so it does not choke itself over snow covered days. As grass continues to grow over the winter , cutting it shorter in late Fall helps so that it is not too tall come spring.,

Another reason to cut shorter is leftover debri during the winter, such as leaves, can more easlily blow across the lawn instead of getting trapped in tall grass and then matting down with rain and snow causing dead spots.

A good high nitrogen fertilizer should be applied in late fall to feed the plant over the Winter months so it will start growth earlier and faster in the spring.

Fall lawn and irrigation service

As fall is in gear, so will be the time to clean up the lawn and lansdcape from debris and leaves. We would be glad to help with these tasks!

Also, the end of October we will be winterizing irrigation systems. Call now to reserve your time and day for this very important service.

aerate and repair summer damage

Now is the time to aerate your lawn and repair summer damage.

Now is the best time over the next 6-7 weeks to renovate your lawn. Doing this every year whether dry or wet is good for the over all health of your grass. By adding overseeding with this you are constantly adding improved varieties of grass , in otherwords maintaing a stand of turf like a car.

Any areas that were damaged more will have to be verticut with seed to repair as if it never happened!!

schedule now as we are first come first serve and time is limited with fall approaching already!

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Upcoming Grub Control

Now is the time to consider grub control treatments for your yard. Grub Control is less expensive than a total lawn renovation. Contact us today to set up your appointment. (913) 682-LAWN (5296).

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