August! ouch!

August is here and it has welcomed us with very hot and humid conditions.

Call or emial us now for renovation of your lawn to ensure it recovers after such a brutal summer and looks great going into next spring! Contact us to schedule aeration and seeding before August 15 and recieve a 15% discount on your service, refer a neighbor and recieve an extra 5% off your service. Contact us now as reviving your lawn to keep it thick is the best defense against weeds.


There have been severe outbreaks of damaging disease in turf and other plants this year, and they continue to be a threat. If you think there may be an issue with your lawn or landscape plants give us a call so we can diagnose any issues and a recovery plan to meet your needs and of course your plants needs!

We are also tracking and monitoring what may be a severe outbreak of damaging insects to your lawn. THe insect is the sod webworm larvae. The damage will start occuring with dry spots that resemble drought stress, but the grass turns grey instead of brown and is no longer in tact unlike just dry grass. We can make preventative applications to ensure you dont get any damage and also spray existing infestations.

Damage from these insects will happen anytime between right now and early to mid September.