Summer 2011 issues and concerns.

I know all of you are aware of the very hot and humid weather we have had this summer.  There is a few issues you should be aware of:

Irrigation this time of year is vital to keeping the lawn looking the best it can.  Watering this time of year should be longer runtimes instead of more days.  If you have questions on watering schedules please contact us so that we may assist you.

Diseases such as brown patch, summer patch and dollar spot are very active when these weather patterns exist especially on irrigated turf and/or lanws in secluded areas.  Please notify us imediately if you notice unusual brown spots.  We will be happy to diagnose and treat any issues you may have.

Also, bagworms are very active currently along with many other pests that can damage your landscape plants.  Periodic walk throughs of your landscape areas are recommended this time of year.  Please call if you have any concerns or quesitons. We would be glad to help with keeping your landscape and garden plants and trees healthy.

Ralph Rodgers