October 2010

Well, fall has finally come and it actually has been quite dry until today. Many of you have had some renovations done to your lawn and still need to water daily until the end of the month if rain is scarce.

Leaves are beginning to fall now and our leaf season will begin very soon.

Dont forget we offer curbside leaf romoval for those of you that dont mind getting those leaves out to the street for us! This service is done by appointment and not by chance! Just call us with a minimum of two days advance notice, and we will come by and pick up your leaves on the date YOU can have them ready!

Now is also the time for scheduling the winterization of your irrigation systems. We are starting this service at the end of October. This means you have the full use of your sprinklers to keep your lawn renovations watered for the rest of the season. We will be calling and making appointments soon, but if you are not on our current list give us a call to get scheduled.

August! ouch!

August is here and it has welcomed us with very hot and humid conditions.

Call or emial us now for renovation of your lawn to ensure it recovers after such a brutal summer and looks great going into next spring! Contact us to schedule aeration and seeding before August 15 and recieve a 15% discount on your service, refer a neighbor and recieve an extra 5% off your service. Contact us now as reviving your lawn to keep it thick is the best defense against weeds.


There have been severe outbreaks of damaging disease in turf and other plants this year, and they continue to be a threat. If you think there may be an issue with your lawn or landscape plants give us a call so we can diagnose any issues and a recovery plan to meet your needs and of course your plants needs!

We are also tracking and monitoring what may be a severe outbreak of damaging insects to your lawn. THe insect is the sod webworm larvae. The damage will start occuring with dry spots that resemble drought stress, but the grass turns grey instead of brown and is no longer in tact unlike just dry grass. We can make preventative applications to ensure you dont get any damage and also spray existing infestations.

Damage from these insects will happen anytime between right now and early to mid September.


Summer is upon us now. Humidity has taken its toll on plants and many lawns have suffered from fungal diseases.

The summer months also bring on insects. Many of these can cause damage to a nice lawn in a hurry. We already treat your lawn for grubs, but there are many other lawn pests that cause problems.

If you notice brown patches of any kind, and are unsure if it is drought stress or disease/insect, call us to get a proper diagnosis and treatment plan.

We are also beginning our shrub and tree trimming now as we end early summer. If you are not on our scheduled list of shrub timming, call us and we would be gald to view your property and give you and estimate and evaluation with a plan to get your landscape in the condition you desire.

May and June

Late spring is now upon us.

We are finishing the weed control applications right now and will begin grub control applications around the end of May. Also shrub trimming will be done during these months to cut off spring flush of new growth.

During these months with humididy and frequent rains fungus and insect issues may arise! Be on the lookout for any thing that may indicate problems and contact us to diagnose any potential disease or insect damages to both turf and shrubs/trees.

Things to look for reguarding fungus are small to medium sized patches of
discolored turf and spots on the leaf blades of yellow or brown.

THis is also the time for insects to ruin some of your trees and shrubs. One of the most common pests we will see are bagworms. If you have had issues in the past then we recommend treaments for the future as the problem will continue and only get worse.

We can diagnose, treat and prevent damages caused to any of your turf or
landscape plants so give us a call if you have anyu concerns!

April is here!!! Flowers are blooming and so are the weeds!

Now is the time to get your lawn sprayed for weeds. We are currently applying our round 2 applications of broadleaf weed control with a mild fertilizer to keep your lawn LUSH, GREEN and WEED FREE!!!!

Also, the grass is growing in full force now so if you you would like to have a true professinal mow your lawn every week please contact us now. By having us on your lawn every week, we can monitor your lawn for any problems than may arise and be quick with a diagnosis and treatment meathod to ensure your lawn stays healthy.

Dont forget to think of us when considering planting a new tree or any landscape work you may need, we would be glad to work with you to provide just what you have envisioned to make your lawn or lansdcape unique to you!

Spring is upon us now with warmer weather and rains!! Now is the time to clean up lawns and landscapes to prepare them for new green growth and beautiful flowers!

March is the best time to put down a pre -emergent for your lawn to protect against crabgrass and certain weeds along with a spring fertilizer to promote vigorous new growth. It is also the time to clean up leaves, sticks and the top dead layer of grass to promote a great start to a beautiful lawn.

Clearing debri and dead plant materials in your landscape is key to support new growth. After this has been done, a fresh layer of mulch is important for the health of the plants as well as the asthetic renewal of your investment surrounding your home.

Please call or email for your lawn and lansdcape needs this spring!!