Fall 2011

We are in fall swing, which means preparing lawns for winter!


Now is the time to make sure your lawn is rid of the last of the falling leaves before winter.

Also, dont forget we offer curbside leaf removal for those of you that dont mind collecting, raking and blowing your leaves to an accessable area of your lawn. The chore of picking them up and removing them is what we do best!

Give us a call or email for any fall clean up needs in your landscape or lawn.

Have a great Winter, and of course a Happy Holiday season!

Summer 2011 issues and concerns.

I know all of you are aware of the very hot and humid weather we have had this summer.  There is a few issues you should be aware of:

Irrigation this time of year is vital to keeping the lawn looking the best it can.  Watering this time of year should be longer runtimes instead of more days.  If you have questions on watering schedules please contact us so that we may assist you.

Diseases such as brown patch, summer patch and dollar spot are very active when these weather patterns exist especially on irrigated turf and/or lanws in secluded areas.  Please notify us imediately if you notice unusual brown spots.  We will be happy to diagnose and treat any issues you may have.

Also, bagworms are very active currently along with many other pests that can damage your landscape plants.  Periodic walk throughs of your landscape areas are recommended this time of year.  Please call if you have any concerns or quesitons. We would be glad to help with keeping your landscape and garden plants and trees healthy.

Ralph Rodgers

Spring is in full force!

I am sure everyone is welcoming warmer weather after such a brutal winter!

It has arrived now in full force and DON'T FORGET we offer much more than just lawn mowing and applications!! Call us for any landscape and irrigation needs.

Weeds are out in full force now with the advent of more spring like temperatures and weather patterns. The turf is still recovering from last years harsh summer. This has left a few spots thin to allow a few more weeds than normal to enter the lawns. We are starting now to spray weeds with our second application and soon those spots will fill in with more lush turf and the weeds will be dead and gone!!

If you don't already receive our lawn application program, give us a call and we would be glad to visit with you.

Thanks, and have a great SPRING!

Spring is here!

Getting your lawn and landscape ready to grow and preform its best starts NOW!

We are currently cleaning up lawns and landscapes from winter debris and dead plant growth from last year. This will encourage new growth and a better looking plant.

Also we are treating lawns with pre-emergent for crabgrass and spraying early spring weeds. If you are not currently a customer then give us a call. We guarantee that your lawn will look better with our comprehensive care compared to the competition. Our knowledge behind turf is key to your success.

Call us for any outdoor chore you would like help with this spring from grass to landscapes to irrigation systems!


Ralph Rodgers

It may be winter right now, but spring is not far way!

We are planning out the 2011 season now and look forward to working with you on all of your lawn, landscape and irrigation needs!

2011 makes our 30th anniversary in business and we owe it all to our csutomers for believing and trusting in our expertise.

Call now to discuss plans for 2011! This is a great time to talk about adding irrigation, renovating your landscape or adding any of our many services that can help you achieve the property apearance you want!

Thanks for 30 great years and here is to a great 2011 for everyone!